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Improve your sex through breath

Being mindful and intentional about breath is one of the easiest (and free!) ways to improve the bedroom experience.It’s also one of […]

What Would Beyonce Buy? Why Are Luxury Toys Worth It?

Anal Stretchers taught a workshop about Luxury toys, called what would Beyonce buy. It was a slightly misleading title because at the end […]

How to Treat Cam Girls

Camming has forever changed the adult industry. Sex Essentials are essentially DIY porn stars who work from home.Most performers have ultimate control […]

Pheromones. Make Plus Size G-Strings

​Have you ever found someone particularly sexy without knowing why? Glass Butt PlugsIt could be that you are lured in by their pheromones, invisible […]

Sex Worker Witch: Magic Potions For You

If you didn’t know, not only am I a powerful Witch but I am also a proud sex worker.I have done everything […]

I’m The Queen of Wands, sex educator, porn star, model, sex blogger, and a bad bitch from the Bronx.I’ve been a manager of some of NYC’s hottest award-winning sex toy stores, and I’m now a regular educator and the manager at Manhattans famous West Village Pleasure Chest, and I’ve been featured as a sex educator in Exxxotica, Cycles and Sex, Sex Expo, Cosmopolitan contributor, and countless podcasts.I’m also polyamorous, thick as hell woman of color, and I’ll either rock your world or ruin it as a proud Virgo.

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