Tootsie – Los Angeles, CA

“I have an 8-year-old female boxer named Tootsie. She was recently diagnosed with bone spurs in her spine. cbd oil dogs One month prior to the diagnosis I started using CBD oil because I saw her moving slower and assumed it was arthritis or hip dysplasia. I immediately noticed some pep in her step after using VETCBD after a week or so.

During the diagnosis period (over 3 months) the veterinarian prescribed [a non steroidal anti-inflammatory] for pain and inflammation, which I read far too many side effects to even try using. She was later given a combo of [steroid] and [pain medication] (never used). I used the [steroid] in combination with the CBD for about a week and noticed she was very thirsty and seemed to be walking with a wobble. # The Best CBD Gels by JustCBDI took her off the [steroid] and have continued with a twice-daily regimen of VETCBD for her weight (65 lbs).

At this point I am very happy with the results I am seeing with the VETCBD alone. She has her moments of puppy play with her little sister and she continues to be active considering the location of her bone spurs. I do not think I would see the same results and lack of side effects with the veterinarian prescribed medication.

Thank goodness for your CBD oil product I know it is adding the quality of life for my baby!!”

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